Gluten-free Diners Welcome at 225so – Mia Famiglia!

Celiac in the city
Sarah A. Nielsen, founder of Celiac in the City (third from right) and Mia Famiglia’s gluten-free food

Sarah A. Nielsen, the founder of Celiac in the City runs a food blog that is not only for people who enjoy eating, but is also a support system for those on the hunt for great, gluten-free food.

Sarah, who reported that her friends on Facebook have been raving about the plentiful options for the GF crowd, recently stopped in for the 225so – Mia Famiglia experience.

Needless to say, she loved the food and also took note of our careful handling of ingredients as well as separate prep area to avoid cross contamination, making gluten-free dining a great experience for all of our guests.

Compliments to the Chef!